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Bolido has worked for many years to provide raw materials to its clients, which are used in the manufacture of many food products, and the goal has always been to satisfy all the company’s customers in terms of quality, appropriate and competitive price.
And then, after years of experience, Bolido started manufacturing ready-made products under the company’s own brands to be distributed in several countries of the world..
The company aspires to increase its investments in many sectors to be among the leading companies.

Head Office:

Prof. Eykmaniaan 15.Hoensbroek.

The Netherlands

Email: info@bolidogroup.com




Industria Area - Zone3 - 6th October City -Cairo - Egypt

Tel.: +201 000 686 243

Email: export@bolidogroup.com


Dubai branch:

Business Center Free Zone Ras Alkheimah -UAE

Tel.: +971 567 813 241

Email: anas@bolidogroup.com

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