Our Story

Over the Years

Bolido is one of the leading companies in foodstuff manufacturing and trading.

  • The company started its activities in the city of Damascus in foodstuffs trading.

  • The company went global with the participation of specialists in the Netherlands in the manufacturing of the raw materials, where a branch of Bolido Group was established, and the company began contracting with the most important specialized clients in various countries of the world and supplying them according to deliberate annual plans.
  • With the increasing in the demand for instant coffee and to reach the Bolido clients requirements for this product, Bolido contracted with a specialized factory in India, and began producing coffee under the name of Bolido.
  • Opening a branch of the company in Malaysia, to follow up the production of coffee and ship it to Bolido’s clients overall the world with the required quality and luxury, which Bolido use to deal with all its clients.
  • The company has established its factory in Egypt specialized in final retail products manufacturing such as mixes, chocolate spread, instant juice powder, corn flakes and others, all under Bolido own brands, and also in (Private Label) brands for other clients
  • Bolido opened a branch in Dubai Free Zone to manage the import and export business..
  • Bolido had been contracted with a tuna factory in Algeria to produce tuna with special specifications and distinct from the tuna manufacturers’ competitors, and the company began exporting to many countries overall the world…

Bolido Vision

“Bolido always working hard in all its products to reach the best quality at the most appropriate prices that suit all segments of society. It’s also trying always to find renewed opportunities for many young talents, and developing them to get the benefit for them and for the company..”

Head Office:

Prof. Eykmaniaan 15.Hoensbroek.

Maastrcht – The Netherlands

Email: info@bolidogroup.com




Industria Area – Zone3 – Six of October City Cairo – Egypt

Tel.: +201 000 686 243

Email: export@bolidogroup.com

Email: amer@bolidogroup.com


Dubai branch:

Business Center 8th Floor Free Zone Ras Alkheimah -UAE

Tel.: +971 567 813 241

Email: anas@bolidogroup.com

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