We are working hard in our factory to manufacture the best kind of food products such as instant coffee, spread Choclate, instant juice and corn flakes to arrive to our costumers around the world with appropriate quality and competitive price.



We chose all the flavors used in our Ice juice very carefully to be as close as possible to the natural taste


City One

We have prepared Cine One from the finest coffee in the world with a mixture of Dutch creamer and foamer to suit the taste of all coffee lovers of Bolido valued customers

choco tasty


Marsella was prepared from the finest types of cocoa powder, milk and natural hazelnuts to add happiness to all our customers



We are creative in making corn flakes of different types and great taste to suit all lovers of this product, young and old

rich in Omega 3


Milmo, Premium quality

All life on the seas

Head Office:

Prof. Eykmaniaan 15.Hoensbroek.

The Netherlands

Email: info@bolidogroup.com




Industria Area - Zone3 - 6th October City -Cairo - Egypt

Tel.: +201 000 686 243

Email: export@bolidogroup.com


Dubai branch:

Business Center Free Zone Ras Alkheimah -UAE

Tel.: +971 567 813 241

Email: anas@bolidogroup.com

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